Systems for communication and data transport and associated equipment.

At Oaktree we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the implementation and management of networks. Our network architects are certified and trained for all products and services we offer.

Apps require a dynamic, reliable and high-performance network, to guarantee optimal transport of data in the data center, the cloud and via wireless networks.

Our Senior System and Network Engineer Henk van Tol comments:

“Recently we received an order for an emergency migration of dozens of PCs, laptops and servers. It all had to be arranged in 72 hours. Friday evening everything was arranged and planned and on Monday all systems were operational again. So cool to be able to arrange this for a customer in this way. Of course you need a great team and a good relationship with the customer to be able to do it. As well as a extensive networking knowledge. It will allow you to work solution-oriented and get the job done.”

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