IT architecture

IT architecture

Designing an IT structure tailored to your business that fits your organization perfectly now and in the long term. The construction of this structure and the maintenance of it.

Our Chief Technology Officer Stephan Kerkman:

“We can handle the most complex IT structures. For example, a Juniper-based solution at a new bank. Firewalls, switches, network security and wireless devices all had to work together. To make the challenge even greater, everything had to be connected redundantly and had to meet all the high safety standards set by the Dutch Central Bank.” 

Designing your IT structure

Of course, your company already has an IT infrastructure in place. We will analyze the extent to which this structure supports your business processes optimally. Whether it can be made to perform faster, safer and easier. Or how that structure should change in relation to future developments in your business. Or how it can be made cost effective rather than time consuming. Our design suggestion is then discussed in detail with you, so that you can always decide what you deem desirable or not.

Building your IT structure

The design logistics is planned in such a manner, as to minimize disturbances on your business. Clear agreements on time schedules and budget provide you with continuous insight and control over the process.

Managing your IT infrastructure

At Oaktree we see managing your IT infrastructure as a fundamental part of its excellent functioning. The developments and attacks on the security of the IT and thus that of your IT-dependent relationships and business processes, demand constant monitoring and maintenance.

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