About Oaktree

Oaktree was founded in 2003, then a One-Stop-Shop under a different name. Since 2008, as Oaktree Enterprise IT, we have been offering solutions for midsize organizations and governments.

We design all kinds of IT solutions exactly tailored to your organization. We also have experience at the operational level, both technical and administrative.

Oaktree is a specialized effective organization particularly well suited to provide first-class service to mid-sized organizations. It is this specialized focus on mid-sized organizations that sets us apart. Our competitors always devise solutions that may work well for a big company, but oftentimes prove too complicated and too expensive for a mid-sized company.

The Oaktree specialists with a wide range of specific technical know-how assist medium-sized organizations and governments in respect of key IT values ​​within an enterprise; the management of business risks through a well-equipped IT structure. We also offer excellent after-care.



We arrive at an optimal IT architecture through our knowledge and experience and the right sensitivity in the establishment of IT within your company. Both regarding content and at the levels of organization and cost efficiency, in a close cooperation with you we can manage existing business risks using IT support. Oaktree acts as a “trusted advisor” in order to strive together for the most optimal solution based on your actual needs as a customer.

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